Selected Media Appearances

— The Museum of Nature's Media Releases —

– TV –

NHK World - Science View

Provided by Japan's National Broadcast (NHK), Science View is an English program focused on latest science news and biographical sketches of scientists.

"From Dinosaur Research to Evolutionary Biology Studies: Paleobiologist Tetsuto Miyashita"

The program interviews: Philip Currie, Richard Palmer, Michael Coates, Victoria Prince, and Urs Schmidt-Ott.

– Radio and Podcasts –

Nature Podcast

10:18 Lamprey evolution

"The larval stage of lamprey growth has long been thought to resemble the kind of early animal that all vertebrates evolved from. However, new research looking at the fossils of lamprey species suggests that this popular hypothesis may be incorrect."

Audio  (segment embedded in the episode at 10:18)

PNAS Science Sessions: Unraveling Hagfish Evolution

"Tetsuto Miyashita describes how the hagfish helps define the vertebrate tree of life."


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– Newspapers, Magazines, and Books –

Coverage on Miyashita et al. (2021) on the discovery of larval lampreys in Paleozoic rocks

A Sunday column about fossil lampreys: Ouf ! Nous ne sommes pas les descendants de la larve de lamproie, cet effrayant poisson

UChicago press release for the recent newspaper coverage about the Cretaceous hagfish Tethymyxine tapirostrum (2019)

Selected articles: The GuardianHaaretz

Ed Young's article for The Atlantic:

"No One Is Prepared for Hagfish Slime" 

Interview featured in Hiroto Kawabata's new book (2020)

In Japanese

Biographical interview with the web version of National Geographic

In Japanese

— Blog Posts —

I occasionally contribute to various blogs, including The Node, the official blog of the Company of Biologists for developmental biologists.

Sample post:

The First International Hemichordate Meeting: the Birth of a Community

— MOOCs —

Palaeontology: Early Vertebrate Evolution

University of Alberta

Role: Script writer

Extinctions: Past and Present

University of Cape Town

Role: Guest instructor