Development & Evolution – Form & Function – Patterns & Processes

Evolutionary Morphology

@ Canadian Museum of Nature

I am a broadly trained zoologist with an interest in:

  • evolution of animal forms
  • patterns in the fossil record
  • developmental mechanisms generating morphological variations at both micro- and macroevolutionary scales.

A hatchling of a Devonian stem lamprey Priscomyzon riniensis (from Miyashita et al., 2021)

Taxonomic expertise: early Paleozoic vertebrates and living jawless fishes

Anatomical systems: vertebrate skeletons, metazoan nervous systems

Experimental models: zebrafish, lampreys, hagfish, acorn worms


Tetsuto Miyashita

Research Scientist, Palaeobiology – Canadian Museum of Nature


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Adjunct Professor – Biology, the University of Ottawa

Adjunct Professor – Earth Sciences, Carleton University

Chicago Fellow (2018–2020) – Organismal Biology & Anatomy, the University of Chicago

Ph.D. (2018) & M.Sc. (2012) – Biological Sciences, the University of Alberta

— Major Awards and Recognitions —

Chicago Fellow (2018–2020)

The University of Chicago

Whitman Center Fellow (2020)

Marine Biological Laboratory

Erik Stensiö Award (2019)

International Symposium on Early and Lower Vertebrates

T.W.M. Cameron Outstanding PhD Thesis Award (2019)

William S. Hoar Award (Honourable Mention) (2018)

Brian K. Hall Award (2015)

Canadian Society of Zoologists

Alfred Sherwood Romer Prize (2018)

Richard Estes Memorial Grant (2014)

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

Robert Lynn Carroll Prize (2017)

Canadian Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

Izaak W. Killam Memorial Scholarship (2015–2017)

Killam Foundation

Vanier CGS (2012–2015)


Commonwealth Science Conference 

Invited speaker (2014)

Follow-on Grant (2015)

The Royal Society, London

— Major Visiting Fellowships —

Travelling Fellowship (2017)

The Company of Biologists

Destination: Bronner Lab, California Institute of Technology

Globalink Research Award (2015)

Mitacs Foundation

Destination: Janvier Lab, Museum national d'Histoire naturelle

CGS Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement (2014)


Destination: Bronner Lab, California Institute of Technology